original lyrics

Good To Be Here

© Richard Ridley

Come sit down with us, take a glass of wine
You’ve been gone so long, where’ve you been this time?
Did you have some fun, did you bring sunshine?
Was it good to be there again?
I was gone so long, it's so good to be
Back here again, with friends and family
You know I missed you all, when I was ‘cross the sea
So it’s good to be here again

It’s good to be here, in this valley, this town
See familiar faces, tread familiar ground
Maybe I should think of just settling down
It’s good to be here again

Yes, I’ve been far away, from this land I know
I’ve seen everything that the world can show
Almost everywhere that a man can go
But it’s good to be here again
In this cosy room, that’s so full of cheer
Round the fireside, with a glass of beer
We can talk all night, sing a song or two
It’s good to be here again


I'll be gone again, in a couple of days
Can’t stay around too long, stop my travelling ways
Got a job to do, I’ve got a place to be
It was good to be here again
You know I’ll see you again, of that you can be sure
Maybe this will be my very final tour
Keep a place for me, keep an open door
And I know I will be here again


It’s always good to come home. This song is dedicated to Richard’s family and friends.

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