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Three Crows Flew

words & tune Greenoaken

Three crows flew over Windy Rigg
One said climb and two said dig
Two said stay and one said go
There's no way in by history's road

Three crows flew over Hinkley Wrae
One said flee and two said stay
Three crows skimmed over High Frost Hall
Two said dance and one said crawl

Three crows sat on the turbine blades
Up through the snow rose three pale maids
One sang rot and two sang grow
There's no way back by history's road

Three crows flew through the vapour trails
One lost his head and two their tails
Three feathers fell on the melting snow
There's no way home by Whitfield road.

A little zen meditation on place and belonging. The place names mentioned here are all to be seen on signposts along the Allendale-Whitfield road. (More West Northumberland zen road-wisdom: Raymond remembers his dad telling him as a small child that there were five roads into the village of Kellah and only one road out...)

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