original lyrics

You Miss The Rolling Sea

© Richard Ridley

When I was only seventeen
I left my home and went to sea
What I found would make a change
Made a man out of me
When I came home I was to find
Nothing that was could ever be
I thought that people all had changed
The only change was in me

Young men can always change their mind
Old man you can never turn back time
Those days are now just fading memory
You will always miss the rolling of the sea

I first set out from Liverpool
Sailed down the Mersey to the sea
To put behind me childhood days
Release my youth and set it free
The world was large and there to find
And I was young I had the time
To sail the oceans far and wide
To catch the wind and race the tide

Out on that dark and restless sea
I know that I must sail once more
Away from all the things I love
And Land upon some foreign shore
So as I set out once again
To face the ever stormy sea
I think on those I leave behind
And take their memory with me

Richard wrote this song on a wet Saturday afternoon in 1995. He should have been packing for yet another overseas trip, this time to lecture in Nigeria. As the song says, he started travelling aged 17, and 45 years later he still hasn’t stopped. Such is the life of a travelling man.

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