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Shot on location at Whittle Dene and Dipton Mill, Northumberland by Ian Brown, October 2017.

Our theme tune? You could say thatů It began life as a poem by the Hexham-born Georgian poet WW Gibson (1878-1962), referring to the Devil's Water stream that runs through Hexhamshire and meets the Tyne at Dilston. Richard (who was born at Dilston Hall, near the confluence of the two rivers) adapted it and gave it a tune.

Devils Water at Stepping Stones 2016

Shot by Ian Brown at Stepping Stones Festival, Kirklinton Hall, Cumbria, June 2016

Edited highlights from the majestic ruin that is Kirklinton Hall.


The Reach

Shot on iPhone by Paul Granger at Whitby Spa Pavilion theatre, Whitby Sea Festival, July 2016

No evening of music is complete without a song about lobster fishing in Maine. Here's one, courtesy of the late Dan Fogelberg.


Old Man Dan

Shot by Ian Brown at Music On The Marr, Cumbria, July 2015

A song that dives deeply into Richard's childhood. The original Dan was actually called Kit—the rhyming options were perhaps too tempting...


My Ship's Coming In

Shot on location at Newcastle and Gateshead quaysides by Ian Brown, June 2014.

When British sailors are getting close to Blighty’s shores sailing into the English Channel, some start to get very happy or sad or even a bit delirious at the thought of getting home to loved ones. This is known by sailors as “The Channels”.